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Cherokee Heritage Center 2011 Cultural Classes

posted Feb 9, 2011, 11:42 PM by Leslie Moyer
Transition Town initiatives talk about "reskilling"--learning nearly-forgotten skills from our past that give us tools to function well in low-impact ways in a post-peak world. Here are some classes in our community that teach some of those skills:                          

Cherokee Heritage Center 2011 Cultural Classes

Classes are designed to teach Cherokee culture through the arts as each class will have a historical overview.  All materials are provided and students will leave with a project.

Weekend Classes: Tuition is $40 for each class

March 5              Round Reed Basketry    

April 2                Beginning Pottery

May 21                Blowguns

June 4                Cain Flutes

September 10     Flat Reed Basketry

October 15         Carving

November 5        Cherokee Moccasins

Class time: Saturday's 9 AM - 3 PM


Two Day Classes: Tuition is $65 for each class

February 25 & 26         Ribbon Shirts    

April 15 & 16               Stickball Sticks

September 16 & 17      Advanced Pottery

December 2 & 3          Advanced Beadwork


Class times: Friday, 6-9 PM; Saturday 9 AM - 3 PM


Extended Class: Tuition is $100 

April 8, May 13, August 12, September 9, September 30, 

  Tear Dress Making


Class time: Friday afternoons, 1-5 PM

Registration is required as attendance is limited. For registration or questions, contact the Cherokee Heritage Center's Education Department at 888.999.6007 or email Education@CherokeeHeritage.org

William D. Lowe, Development Coordinator
Cherokee Heritage Center
Cherokee Heritage Center | 21192 S. Keeler Drive | Park Hill | OK | 74451